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Discussion in 'All Things Disney' started by Natalie89, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Natalie89

    Natalie89 Junior Disney Bounder

    I've just started collecting the Disney Traditions Figurines, and I'm amassing quite the collection of Tsum Tsum's too.

    What Disney merchandise (if any) do you collect, with such an expansive range to choose from? I know a lot of people who collect Traditions, a lot of pin collectors, and of course people with tons of plushes.

    If you do collect do you stick to a certain film? Character? Or is it a free for all of all things Disney?
  2. keytcee

    keytcee Junior Disney Bounder

    Ooh I am in love with Tsum Tsums! I've been addicted to the Tsum Tsum game/app ever since and when I found out they had plushies, I just wanted to get one! Unfortunately, I haven't bought a single one yet but if I do get my hands on one, I'll definitely buy it! They're so cute and great to collect because they're small and you can stack them all up!
  3. Natalie89

    Natalie89 Junior Disney Bounder

    I didn't realise there was a game... My boyfriend bought me my first two, and I've been hooked ever since!

    I do like the really small ones, they're only £3 each so I don't feel so bad buying new ones.

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  4. keytcee

    keytcee Junior Disney Bounder

    Aren't they so adorable? I even saw phone cases with the Tsum Tsums as the design. I'll probably buy the small ones soon. There are bigger ones that I really like but are more expensive so the smaller ones then!
  5. Kristin

    Kristin Junior Disney Bounder

    For me it is a free for all. I have two Disney stills of the Jungle Book and collect Tinkerbell pins. As you can imagine my Tinker bell pins do not get traded. I find snowglobes are quite magical so I have a few of them. I would like to begin collecting some of the crystal figurines. The way the light hits them is mesmerizing. Of course then I will have to buy halogen light bulbs.;)
  6. anadrotowski

    anadrotowski Junior Disney Bounder

    The only Disney Collectibles I have are all of Nightmare Before Christmas. I have plenty of figurines, snow-globes, and plushies. It is my all time favorite movie and just seeing the collection makes me really wanna watch the movie over and over again.

  8. PrincessMegan

    PrincessMegan Moderator Staff Member

    I've been trying to collect the princess dolls that they have at the Disney stores. I think all of them have their prince's and some even have the villains as well. I started a while ago when they first came out but I haven't gotten any new ones since. Once I get a job and a bigger place I will definitely have to start back up again :)
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