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Discussion in 'All Things Disney' started by Bloom, May 18, 2015.

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    Approximately one week ago, Disney had released it's next big Disney Princess: Princess of North Sudan. All fans were at first excited to hear that Disney would be releasing not only a Princess, but a Princess of the African culture. As fans began to learn more and more about this new movie, they began to feel uncomfortable.

    Princess of North Sudan is based off of a true story where a father's daughter had wanted to be a "Princess". The father left home and traveled to the Eastern most part of Africa and found land that was unoccupied between Egypt and the Middle East. He immediately climbed the highest mountain of the unoccupied land and placed a flag that was homemade by his daughter. He claimed himself to be King and his daughter to be a Princess. And voila! The story of the North Sudan Princess.

    What makes fans the most irate and uncomfortable is the fact that Disney has finally jumped to a whole new continent (Africa) and is lacking the ability to use an African woman and its culture. Instead, they based it off of a true story of a white father and daughter that manifested land. Basically, their first African Princess will be of European culture in which we've seen so many Princesses have before.

    Here is a link to not only the back story of the newly "Princess" but what some Disney fans say regarding Disney's new movie:

    What do you think about Disney's new Princess? Do you think Disney is making the right decision in releasing this movie? Do you think Disney is being racist? Share your thoughts!
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    I'm not entirely certain what to think about this. I like the fact that Disney decided to make a princess who comes from the continent of Africa, however, I believe that another true story could be used in place of the one the workers of Disney have already selected. I'm certain a story of an actual African princess, rather than of an American girl wanting to be princess of a piece of African land, will be far more engaging and more amazing to watch.
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    I think Jeremiah Heaton and his daughter have a bad view of what royalty is. Sticking a flag in the ground and making pronouncements does not make one anything. And what a slap in the face to those that are born on the soil of Africa. The schedule that royalty keep is very hard. They make very difficult decisions that affect countries. They do a lot of charity work and try very hard to leave the world a better place. If little girls new how real princesses lived they wouldn't want to be one.
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    If it's based off a true story then the story line is what is is, but I do see how this movie could be iffy, depends on the adaptation. I am sure they will give it a high point of excitement. Plus it's Disney so I think they know what they are doing. However just as a fun fact, when the first Pirates movie was released Disney did not put their traditional castle in the opening and instead the partners producer had their label. When Pirates 2 came out Disney had the castle very proudly in the front. The only reason they kept it out of the first one was because they didn't want their name up front in case it wasn't a success.
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