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  1. Kristin

    Kristin Junior Disney Bounder

    I love the Disney bound ideas I find on Pinterest. Do any of you find them to have great pictures too?
  2. keytcee

    keytcee Junior Disney Bounder

    Not only Disney Bound things, but probably every DIY thing that you need, you'd find in Pinterest and even more! I absolutely love going there when I need some ideas for an outfit, a makeup for the day, nail art and even DIY decorations for parties and events. There are so much helpful thing there that I can just pin and can go back to when I need to see it again. I've just been into it recently so it's still a very magical thing for me.
  3. PrincessMegan

    PrincessMegan Moderator Staff Member

    If I need ideas for Disney bounding I always just google it and look at the images. I always get a lot of results when I do that. I have an account on Pinterest but to be quite honest I still don't understand how to use it lol
  4. Danielle Davidson

    Danielle Davidson Junior Disney Bounder

    There are such great things that you can find on Pinterest. I mean I haven't looked up just Disney photos, but I have seen some. I mean that's just why I love Pinterest so much. There is so much that you canf find. There are also some great sites that you can get lead to also.
  5. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Junior Disney Bounder

    I haven't checked the Disney bound ideas on Pinterest, but I really do believe Pinterest is one of the most adorable sites out there. I totally love it, sort of like Instagram but a little bit cuter and informative. ;)
  6. amelia88

    amelia88 Junior Disney Bounder

    Honestly I'm kind of a Pinterest addict for so many things. I have boards for everything under the sun (or so it seems, sometimes).

    I think it's really good for inspiration for a lot of things - Disney Bound ideas, crafts, recipes, organization stuff, home decorating, fashion...the list goes on!

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