The Best Villains?

Discussion in 'All Things Disney' started by anadrotowski, May 30, 2015.

  1. anadrotowski

    anadrotowski Junior Disney Bounder

    I love Yzma in Emperor's New Groove the most out of all the villains. It's so funny to see her come up with a creative scheme and watch them fail in the end.

    Which villains are your favorite?
  2. Natalie89

    Natalie89 Junior Disney Bounder

    I love Yzma, especially cat Yzma :D her little laugh gets me every time.
    But for me it would have to be Ursula. When she sings 'Poor Unfortunate Souls' its all very cabaret and over the top and I love it!
  3. erbmusic

    erbmusic Junior Disney Bounder

    I love the villain Mother Gothel from Tangled. The "Mother Knows Best" song makes me laugh every time. She's so overprotective of Rapunzel that she will not let her leave the tower. The actress who played Mother Gothel did an excellent job.
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  4. anadrotowski

    anadrotowski Junior Disney Bounder

    I still have yet to watch Tangled; I really need to. As for Ursula, she sort of freaked me out as a kid for the longest time. I never really got use to her, but she is a great character nonetheless.
  5. PrincessMegan

    PrincessMegan Moderator Staff Member

    I'm not sure if Kronk would really be considered a villain. He never really did anything bad but he was partnered with Yzma. But if you do count him I could have to say Kronk :)
    Also Jafar was pretty evil. When you really look at all the stuff he tried to do you'll notice that he was way more evil than a lot of other villains.
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  6. keytcee

    keytcee Junior Disney Bounder

    A classic villain for me would be Cinderella's step mother. Though not always considered the most evil of all the villains, I feel like she is one of the meanest ones because of how she treated Cinderella and what she would do to her just so her daughters would get the spot light. She is also a bit relatable with all the step moms or dads out there who have similar attitudes. Even then, Disney already integrated reality with their fairy tales.

  8. anadrotowski

    anadrotowski Junior Disney Bounder

    I never thought of the stepmother in that way. I've seen other reality integration with Disney, but somehow overlooked a simple concept of biased step-parents. It's hard to be under one household with children you haven't raised or felt the right to actually scold or discipline.
  9. Kristin

    Kristin Junior Disney Bounder

    Cinderella's step mom is who I think of as one of the best villains but then again Snow whites own mother betrayed her too! :wondering: Yikes! If I had to pick the best villains, it would be the evil mothers in the stories. To take a relationship that should only be of trust and love and is your own kin is the evilest of evils.
  10. Brittney Stevens

    Brittney Stevens Junior Disney Bounder

    My favorite Disney villain is Ursula from the movie The Little Mermaid. As a child, I absolutely adored her swagger and her unwavering confidence in herself. I found her thick and curvaceous form to be one of the best looking Disney bodies of all time. I also liked how she carried herself like a queen, and meant business whenever she arrived onto the scene.
  11. Danielle Davidson

    Danielle Davidson Junior Disney Bounder

    She was a good villian that I did like also. I would have to say that mine would be Sheego though. She was always the best one. I really liked Kim Possible when I was growing up, so I think that was why I liked her so much. I also think that she was on kick butt female in the show. I mean Kim Possible was also, but it's nice to see more than one kick butt female character in a show. I feel like you don't see that too often.
  12. Briannagodess

    Briannagodess Junior Disney Bounder

    I agree with you! Mother Gothel in Tangled is such an evil character. I actually love to hate her especially how she locked Rapunzel in that prison of a tower. She also manipulated Rapunzel and made her think that she is the only one capable of loving her. She just used Rapunzel's hair to stay young. I do not think she ever really loved her. She is just a very selfish and manipulating character!
  13. dyanmarie25

    dyanmarie25 Junior Disney Bounder

    I also love her! I mean, she may be a little bit selfish, but at least, she never tried to hurt/harm Rapunzel while she was under her care. She just became overly possessive.
  14. TKWTF

    TKWTF Junior Disney Bounder

    Maleficent has to be my favorite villain. I've yet to see her new movie, but I loved her in the original.
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  15. Briannagodess

    Briannagodess Junior Disney Bounder

    I loved the new movie! The twist is very unexpected. Angelina Jolie did great justice playing Maleficent. Also, does she not age? Lol. The cinematography was also very realistic. I loved how they portrayed the life of Maleficent and how she played a part in Aurora's life.
  16. anorexorcist

    anorexorcist Junior Disney Bounder

    My favorite villain is definitely Ursula from the little mermaid, she was a great villain! I hated her every single second of the movie, she was pure evilness! What I like from her most is that her physical characteristics were based on Divine the drag queen, and I really love Divine! Disney did a great job with Ursula.
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