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Becoming a premium member has a lot of awesome benefits for you to enjoy, not only are you helping support the site and keep it running, you also get access to these exclusive benefits:

Gallery Benefits

  • Unlimited storage space - Upload as much media to the gallery as you would like! (Normal users can store up to 50 mb of files)
  • Unlimited file size upload - Have an extra large-HD-super high quality photo? Upload it! (Normal users can upload up to a 5 mb file)
  • Unlimited items per upload - Have 1000 photos you want to upload? Upload them all at the same time! (Normal users can only upload 10 items at a time)

Extra Benefits

  • NO ADS! - You will no longer see any ads ever! The site will look so much more clean, just for you!
  • Add extra things to your signature - You can add lists, links, images, and embedded media to your signature. Make yourself stand out!
  • Unlimited conversation recipients - Love to talk? You won't be restricted by the normal 5 person limit!
  • Get a special trophy - You will unlock a special trophy exclusive to premium members!
  • Special banner - You get a banner displayed under your profile letting people know you are a premium member!

Ready to become a premium member? Check out all the upgrade options available. Note: you need to be logged in to upgrade your account.

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Apr 12, 2015
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