Mickeys Halloween at Disneyland.

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Anndee, Oct 1, 2015.

  1. Anndee

    Anndee Junior Disney Bounder

    My husband and started with piglet and tigger at muskets Halloween party (he has orange pants), then onto Jessie and buzz. Tomorrow we're Bert and Mary!
  2. Pr0xy_5pid3r

    Pr0xy_5pid3r Administrator Staff Member

    How is the halloween party? We have been wanted to go for a couple years now. We are going to TRY to go this month but we will see :) What kind of stuff do they have going on there? Also do you have any pictures of you guys in your bounds? Love to see them!
  3. Anndee

    Anndee Junior Disney Bounder

    We found Bert and Mary while bounding as Bert and Mary!! A trip highlight!! You can't see it, but I'm wearing umbrella earrings, a necklace with tiny birds, and a tape measure as a bracelet. She noticed my earrings then my bracelet. She asked how I measured up to which I replied, "practically perfect in every way." I got to hold her umbrella!
    Mickeys party was great! It's a ticketed event with limited tickets so lines are usually shorter. We didn't care to trick or treat so we skipped those lines completely. The dapper fans were cadaver dans floating on the river that was completely covered in fog. Super neat! The fireworks were great as well!
    A great trip! We're planning to return in Feb.
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