Snow White in Magic Kingdom

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Sarah, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Sarah

    Sarah Disney Bounder Pro

    did my 1st bound at a park :) Was Snow white and had a blast! Guest thought i was Snow white, kind of funny.

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  2. Pr0xy_5pid3r

    Pr0xy_5pid3r Administrator Staff Member

    You did a really great job on your bound! It's fun bounding at the park :) Soo many people recognized us when we went as rapunzel and flynn, we aren't sure who we are going to go as next though, do you plan on going back anytime soon? Also did you do any of the mickeys halloween party stuff?
  3. Sarah

    Sarah Disney Bounder Pro

    Well, I work here until Jan, 4th or next year so I have plans to hung out there alot. :) In fact I work work right main street! Yes I did, I went last month. I'll up load some photos and link my video.
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